The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.







About Lightbearers Worldwide


Being a lightbearer is an inner calling
and commitment to Sanat Kumara.

Lightbearers worldwide keep the flame of Sanat Kumara by espousing
the virtues of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, forbearance, patience,

goodwill, unity, brotherhood, tact, diplomacy, culture,
beauty, perfection and self mastery.


Welcome to Lightbearers Worldwide, an Aquarian Ecumenical Mission

Antahkarana is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “web of light.” The antahkarana connects us together, like a macrocosmic dreamcatcher.

We are lightbearers. We bear God’s light in our hearts, and that light flows through the antahkarana to strengthen life everywhere.

We are mystics and gnostics. We seek to know God through personal experience, and to be one with that experience.

• Like Kabbalists of old, we labor to restore Adam Kadmon, to heal the divided body of God.

• Like Buddhists, we are mindful that love heals, and that hatred never ceases by hatred.

• Like Sufis, we proclaim there is only one God.

• Like Zoroastrians, we understand that that God is a living, sacred fire.

• Like Hindus, we worship that flame as the Atman within each heartbeat.

• Like Native Americans, we honor the flying eagle.

• Like Christians, we usher in the New Jerusalem and the City Foursquare as a divine blueprint that can manifest through us.

We serve to set life free. We understand that God works through people, so we strive to bring out the best in each other. We want to relate with good will and respect, to follow the golden rule of, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We want to mirror the culture of ascended and angelic beings in the etheric retreats of the heaven-world, bringing them closer to home.


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